Welcome to Testing_FIT

Testing_FIT is a PEAR package (http://pear.php.net) which provides the Framework for Integrated Test for PHP (http://www.php.net). FIT itself is an idea of Ward Cunningham who implemented the first version in Java. Today, there is FIT for many plattforms like C++, DotNet, Python, Perl, etc. This is the PHP plattform!

What is FIT?

The most important thing to know about FIT, is that there is excellent documentation http://fit.c2.com - the homepage of FIT. There you can find out a lot about other FIT plattforms, FIT tools and FIT itself, of course.

Anyway, what is FIT? It is a framework for software tests. It is also a way of communication between developers, testers and customers. The most key feature of this kind of communication is, that developers and customers (testers) work together on the same document. The document format is well known and very simple: HTML.

FIT is based on HTML documents. Each document contains a describing text and one or more test-cases or you might want call it: examples.